Theme and Decoration Guidelines

Please read the following set of guidelines pertaining to the decoration of your banger. Through the years we've encountered problems from time to time with regards the state of some of the cars on the rally. These guidelines are in place to maintain the image of the Ramshackle Rally and to improve your enjoyment of the event.

Police Themes

Police themes can cause problems for you along your route. Whilst they are not forbidden it is important that they are presented in a way which could not be misinterpreted as impersonation. Stay away from blue or red flashing lights on the roof - they're likely to be confiscated fairly swiftly. Replica weapons have not gone down to well in the past either. The police in most of the countries we visit carry real weapons so replicas are really not a good idea.

Military Themes

Again, military themes can be fantastic but remember that we are a rally and not an invasion! Keep it tasteful. Camouflage is great but stay away from any national flags or insignia. See 'Police Themes' above for the low down on replica weapons.

Sexual Themes

Please steer clear of themes in this category. Do not exhibit any sexually explicit material so that it is visible from outside your vehicle and please leave your blow up toys at home!  Teams with vehicles which could cause offence to members of the public will not be allowed to start the rally.

Graffiti Themes

If you choose to cover you vehicle in graffiti, wether it be spray paint or otherwise, you must ensure that result is obviously an artisticly inspired theme and that it does not appear simply as a vandalised vehicle. Cars which appear vandalised will not be allowed to start the rally.

Click this link to see what we mean: Good Car v Bad Car!

Protruding Attachments

Now what would a fighter jet be without wings and what would a pirate boat be without a sail? Attachemnts to your vehicles which enhance the theme are always good fun and attract a lot of attention. If you are attaching anything to your vehicle which protrudes then we suggest making it removable. The local plod are constantly insisting on the removal of decorative attachments to participating bangers. If it's easy to detach then you'll likely get away with a talking to and sling it in the boot. If its permanently fixed you'll be breaking it off on the side of the road before they'll let you go.

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