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In the interests of keeping things fair (and green!) the following bonus points will be awarded according to your vehicles age and engine capacity. The bonus points will be added to the points achieved for completing the challenges during the course of the rally and used to determine the winner!

 Year* Points Engine Points
 'D' and older 150 Up to 999cc 150
 'E' 'F' 'G' 140 1000cc to 1199cc 140
 'H' 'J' 'K' 130 1200cc to 1399cc 130
 'L' 'M' 'N' 120 1400cc to 1599cc 120
 'P' 0 1600cc to 1999cc 110
 'R' ** -50 2000cc to 2499cc 100
 'S' & 'T' -100 2500cc to 2999 cc 90
 'V' -200 3000cc to 3999cc 0
 'W' and younger -500 4000cc and up  -30

* It is the date of first registration in the V5 (Log book) which will be used to determine bonus points and not the plate itself. (Not that you were thinking of pulling a dodge ;-) Non UK registered vehicles can check the date brackets by clicking here. (See 2.2.3 & 2.2.4)

** Vehicles in this category or younger will not be eligible for prize money should they finish in the top 3 positions but may still be eligible for 'Best Banger' or 'Spirit of Ramshackle' awards which are decided by vote.


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