Fundraising Ideas

Banger Taxi

Take a weekend off the booze and ferry your friends around for taxi fare. Who wouldnt want to pull up to a boozer in the Starship Enterprise?

Sign The Banger

Get your banger to somewhere where you'll get some footfall. Keep a panel painted white and get 1 donations for people to sign your beast. This works best at events where there are lots of people like boot sales etc. See how creative you can be about where you can get your banger to: a shopping centre, town square, footbal stadium...?

Raffle The Banger

If you're bringing the car home why not raffle it or auction it off for your charity.

Company Sponsorship

Sell advertising space on you banger to local companies. You'll be surprised how willing they'll be if you're supporting a local charity

Got a fundraising idea? Let us know and we'll spread your word!

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