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Right - things havent got any easier have they. Scrap metal prices soaring and your local scrap yard paying up to 200 for any piece of trash isnt helping either.

So what does all this mean to a humble Ramshackler I hear you ask. Well, the old 100 rule from 2005 which became the 150 rule in 2009 is the new 250 rule for 2013. Not something we're exactly over the moon with here at Ramshackle HQ but there you go.

We have also moved the date of registration which qualifies for cash prizes to include the N reg's. So in order to be eligible for cash prizes your car should not be registered after 1st August 1996.

Regardless of any of this, the point remains that you won't be able to prove that you paid 250 or less for your vehicle any more than we'll be able to prove that you didn't. So it comes down to spirit and to buying into the concept of the rally. By increasing the price to £250 we're hoping that more and more people will be able to arrive at the start line with heads held high and not be the least bit afraid about what the other 300 Ramshacklers might have to say about their banger.

Of course there will be the Jags and the Mercs and of course nobody believes that they only cost 250 but the point is that these cars do exist. As long as it's in keeping with the spirit of the rally, as long as it'd decorated to the 9's, and as long as it's not an P reg or younger, then it qualifies.

Will we ever put the limit back down again? Of course, the price we set is reflective of the current banger market. If the market moves the other way in the future we'll put it back down a notch. If the limit is not achievable then its not worth having any limit at all.

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